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Eclipse Tour in China
( www.navo-tour.com )

    In 2009, NAVO’s Eclipse tours will offer you an ingenious combination of the Solar Eclipse with the adventure tour in original west China. The most importatn thing of solar eclipse tour is the choice of observation site. NAVO choose Sangdui, south of Litang, Anyue, and Shade (although small places) as our observation sites. Anyue is a famous ancient grottos, just on the center line of the eclipse path, while Sangdui,south Litang and shade are small villages on the pleateau where is clear air, blue sky and aboundant sunlight (more than 3000 hours sunlight each year averagely), this may provide the maximal probability to see the solar eclipsing clear.

    NAVO have more than 15 years’ experience in adventure tour organization, and we have succeeded in organization of the 2008 solar eclipse tours. In 2009, we will supply 4 routes, please see the following details

  NAVO-Eclipse-001-2009 China Eclipse Tour (Overland from Kunming to Chengdu,15 days)New
Overland Yunnan Sichuan
Observation Site : Sangdui Nearbyf
Duration: 15 days 14 days and 13nights in China
Eclipse Date: 2009/07/22
Tour Duration: 2009/07/14—2009/07/28
Areas: Sichuan; Yunnan, Kham,
Highlights: Qingyang Taoist Temple, Chengdu Panda Research Base, Shangli ancient town, Pingle ancient town,Jiaju Stockaded Village of Zang Minority, Suopo Fortress ,Huiyuan Temple, Tagong Monastery and the Plain,Ker Monastery ,Sangpo Temple,Songzanlin Temple,Tiger Jump Gorge, Lijiang Ancient Town, The Mu Maison,Black Dragon Pool, Yufeng Temple, Baizhu Village;Basha Freco ,Naxi Music, Three Pagodas of Dali, The Ancient Town of Dali, Zhonghe Temple, Stone Forest
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  NAVO-Eclipse-002-2009 China Eclipse Tour (Kham overland,14 days) New
Kangding—Leshan—Emei Mt.—Litang—Xinlong—Gantse—Danba—Shangli—Chengdu
Eclipse Observation Place: south of Litang
Duration: 14 days; 13 days and 12 nights in China
Eclipse Date: 2009/07/22
Tour duration: 2009/07/16---2009/07/29
Areas: Kham, Sichuan,
Highlights: Chengdu for ancient Shu culture; Leshan Giant Buddha, Mt. Emeishan, Kangding—the hometown of love song and the important trade port on the ancient tea-horse road; Litang; Ker Temple; Garze Temple; Tagong, Danba;Shangli ancient town, Pingle ancient town, the Chengdu Panda Research Base, the Black sheep Palace etc.
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  NAVO-Eclipse-003-2009 China Eclipse Tour(Grottos and Ancient Towns,12 days) New
Exclusive circuit of NAVO.
Eclipse Observation place : Anyue and nearby
Duration: 12 days; 11 days and 10nights in China Eclipse Date: 2009/07/22
Tour Duration: 2009/07/18—2009/07/29
Areas: Sichuan ; Chongqing
Highlights: 1 holy mountain: Mt.Emei;
2 museums: Sanxingdui and Zigong,
2 Grand Buddhas: Rongxian and Leshan
3 grottos: Anyue grotto, Dazu grotto;Jiajiang Grotto;
6 ancient towns: Lukong, Luocheng, Shangli, Pingle, Luodai, Huanglongxi.
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  NAVO-Eclipse-004-2009 China Eclipse Tour(Sichuan-Tibet High Way by South Route,15 days) New
Chengdu—Kangding—Litang—Linzhi—Lhasa(NAVO exclusive route,2009)
Eclipse Observation place: Shade Village
Duration: 15days: 14days and 13night in China;
MinibusEclipse Date: 2009/07/22
Tour Duration: 2009/07/19—2009/08/02
Areas: Sichuan, Kham, Tibet,
Highlights: Kangding(famous for the "Love song of Kangding");Tagong(Buddha’s favorite place);Tongmai: also called "the most adventurous road");Litang(the highest city in the world);Rawu lake;Basongco;Gandan Monastery;Lhasa
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